Gardening Quiz and Answers

Gardening Quiz and Answers

There is something so amazing about creating new life from little seeds or cuttings and watching them grow into beautiful plants and trees. And this explains why gardening has gained alot of popularity as a hobby.

But besides people raising plants for fun, there are other benefits attached too, like good health, food supply, beautification, learning grounds for kids, and so much more.

So, today I have lined up a series of gardening quizzes to help you know how much you know about gardening. And there is a gardening quiz and answers for everyone, whether beginners, experts, kids, or plant enthusiasts. So, let’s go!

Basic Gardening Quiz

This simple gardening quiz is meant for beginners in gardening, gardening enthusiasts, or even school-going kids. Here you will be defining gardening terms, naming plants, identifying plant needs, and more.

Fun Gardening Quiz

This quiz is for those lazy days or any other day when you need something fun to refresh your mind. 

In this test, you find exciting questions that will stretch your mind even to the different gardens of the world, like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, state flowers, etc.

Simple Gardening Quiz

As the title suggests, this is a straightforward quiz; you won’t dig deep into your mind. So, this quiz is for you if you have just started a garden or want to start one. Also, you can take this quiz if you have been gardening for a long time just to confirm you have everything at your fingertips.

Common Vegetable Gardening Quiz

 Do you want to raise your very own vegetables? Or have you been raising some veggies for a while? This quiz will test how ready you are to grow veggies or how much you have mastered vegetable gardening.

Gardening Safety Quiz

Accidents can happen anywhere – in the house, in school, on the footpath, and even in the garden! But some accidents can be avoided, right? So, take this quiz to see how much you know about being safe in the garden.

Gardening Quiz for Kids

This quiz is for the little ones to help sharpen their curious minds on gardening. Here they will be identifying the functions of the different parts of a plant, plant needs, gardening tools, and more.

Gardening Quiz for Older Children

This is an exciting quiz for older kids to help improve their knowledge of different plants, plant families, seeding, and more.

Organic Gardening Quiz

How much do you know about organic gardening? You can test that knowledge and skills here. Some of the questions you will be answering here are related to soil additions like compost, vermicompost, worm tea, and more.

Horticulture Quiz

A horticulturist grows all sorts of plants – vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits & nuts, ornamental trees, and lawns. So, if you are raising either of these plants, this fun quiz is for you.

Hydroponics Quiz

This quiz is all about hydroponics: defining HP, getting to know the inventors of HP, plants that do well in HP, requirements & benefits, and more.

Ornamental Plants and Garden Quiz

How do you feel when you hear ornamental plants mentioned? If your inner person stands to this, then here is your place. 

This True or False quiz will test your knowledge of different types of ornamental plants that you can grow in your garden.

Landscaping Quiz

Are you a landscape architect or just a gardener passionate about landscapes? If so, how much do you know about the different landscape plants, lawn care, and servicing lawn mowers? You can test that knowledge by taking this quiz.

Gardening Pests Quiz

Pests are destructive to a garden. And you wouldn’t want to watch your efforts in raising a fantastic garden go down the drain just because of some little insects.

So in this quiz, you will identify the different pests that attack plants; this will help increase your alertness and ensure you have timely pest control measures.

Gardening Quiz – True or False

This is a simple True or False quiz to test your gardening skills. Here you will be tested on different plant families, soil needs, plant care, and more.

Planting a Vegetable Garden Quiz

How ready are you to grow your very own veggies? Or how much do you know if you are already a vegetable gardener? Take this straightforward quiz to discover how far you are in all this.

House Plant Quiz

We love houseplants! Think about their benefits – they take away carbon dioxide from your spaces and give us oxygen. Besides this, they bring elegance wherever you place them. 

So take this quiz to find out how much you know about the different house plants, how to plant them, and plant care.


And that is it for today! I hope you have gone through a gardening quiz and answers from the list above and passed. And if you failed in any, you can still retake it until you have mastered everything. From this end, I wish you the very best in gardening!

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