Common Vegetable Gardening Quiz

Common Vegetable Gardening Quiz

Take this quiz to see if you are ready to grow your veggies. And if you are already growing your vegetables, this quiz will tell whether you have mastered vegetable gardening.

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Common Vegetable Gardening Quiz

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1. Which plants will not do well in cool climates?

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2. What is the main benefit of crop rotation?

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3. Which of these vegetables doesn’t belong to the mustard family?

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4. Which of these is not a benefit of companion planting?

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5. Tomatoes are great companions for which plants?

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6. Which nightshade family member is deadly?

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7. Which animal’s manure should you avoid using in your garden?

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8. Which of these additions is not a good amendment for clay soil?

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9. Which is the best soil for growing parsnips?

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10. What do we call the edible underground parts of potatoes?

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11. Marrow vegetable is often stuffed with what in recipes?

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12. What disease is spread by cucumber beetles?

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13. Potatoes belong to which family?

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14. Which family is most affected by clubroot?

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15. Which of these is not a soil type?

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