Privacy Policy

We gather your personal data when you visit our webpage. The information is collected to better the service we provide. All data collected are handled with care and are treated confidentially.

The processing of personal data is collected on behalf of our website and not for the third party sites you might be referred to. If you visit a different site from the interlinking, we advise you to read their privacy policy.

Let us further break down our privacy policy, to make things easier for you.

How We Collect Your Data

When you visit our website, you might be asked to provide your mailing address, email and phone number. If you shy away from providing the info, you will be using the website anonymously.

We use cookies to collect your data when you surf our webpage or subscribe to a newsletter. The purpose of using cookies to collect some data is because we continuously strive to improve our service.

Third parties affiliated with our page, will also collect data on our behalf. Whenever a third party is working with us, we permit them to collect your information. Keep in mind that, third parties that are not affiliated with our website, can collect your data for their use, but we are not responsible for that.

What Data Do We Collect

Email address, telephone number, mailing address, login details, account details, job role and your company name.

Invoice details from third party online payments are not collected. If you provide us with any information through email, then we may keep the records for good.

We track website details like location data, traffic, IP address, and information used when you land on our page.

Any information that you provide when you subscribe to a newsletter. Any mail that you send us. Everything will be stored with confidentiality.

Why We Collect Your Data

The data we gather, aids us to upgrade the website according to your target needs.

Every feedback and collected information works to improve the functionality of our site. We thrive to update our service in the best possible way.

Your info is gathered so that we can send you occasional emails.

We collect data for promotion and survey

All data are collected to operate the transactions

Everything we collect from you, whether they are private or public, won’t be shared with any other companies without your permission. We collect your email to send you periodic emails and to reply to your queries.

How Do We Protect Your Information

There are many effective security measures that we take to ensure your data and info are all safe and sound. We make sure nothing gets traded or sold to other companies.

We use a secure server to keep your information

Transaction data such as social security numbers, financials, credit card details etc won’t be stored on our server for more than 2 months.

All your sensitive information is dealt with using SSL technology. Only our accredited experts are given permission to manage such data.   
Remember that we don’t trade or distribute information to any third parties or other corporations. Every third party that is affiliated with us might be used to collect your data, but not from those who are not our partners. In case you visit a site that is not in our jurisdiction, you better check their privacy policy before you start surfing.