Ornamental Plants and Garden Quiz

Ornamental Plants and Garden Quiz

If you are passionate about ornamental plants and other things that happen in the garden, then this quiz is for you.

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Ornamental Plants and Garden Quiz

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1. House plants decorate houses and purify the air indoors.

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2. People grow ornamental plants for commercial purposes only.

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3. Grasses are examples of ornamental plants.

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4. Trees are not ornamental plants.

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5. You can grow orchids to beautify your environment.

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6. Only expensive plants can be used in decorating homes and the community.

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7. Which type of ornamental garden is shown in the below picture?

Roof garden

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8. What type of ornamental garden is shown below?

Water garden

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9. Gardening is a way of relaxing and being happy.

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10. Trees and shrubs are examples of nursery crops.

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11. Cut flowers are flowers that have been picked from plants for decorative purposes.

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12. Which of these are woody perennial plants and have a single main stem?

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13. Which is a houseplant?

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14. Boston fern is a strong cut flower with great keeping qualities.

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15. Sampaguita is a nonflowering green plant with aerial stems and large leaves.

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