Houseplant Quiz

Houseplant Quiz

How close are you to creating your very own indoor garden? Find it out by taking this quiz.

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Houseplant Quiz

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1. Which sign tells that your plant needs to be repotted?

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2. What is propagation?

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3. Where should you cut a plant to get a cutting?

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4. What is aeration?

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5. Which of these is pilea peperomioides?

pilea peperomioides

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6. What is true about a succulent and a cactus?

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7. What can happen to a hardy devil’s ivy if watered often and left on a sunny windowsill?

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8. What can cause a plant’s tips to be brown?

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9. The indoor plant below is native to central and southern American tropical rainforests. What is its name?

Peace lily

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10. Which mistake, according to plant experts, causes most plant deaths?

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11. Which plants should you keep away from kids and pets?

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12. Which is the best way to help indoor plants “breathe”?

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13. You can grow different things on a balcony, windowsill, or patio. On that note, which statement below is not true?

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14. How deep should you plant a gloxinia tuber?

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15. This leaf belongs to which plant?

Swiss cheese plant

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