Garden Pest Quiz

Garden Pest Quiz

Find out in this quiz how much you know about garden pests and how to control them.

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Garden Pest Quiz

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1. Moth larvae are commonly called cutworms. Why were they given this name?

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2. What do we call those tiny, soft-bodied insects that come in different colors and leave behind some sticky “honeydew.”

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3. The parents of the notorious grubs known for destroying lawns are called?

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4. Which place in the garden should you search for slugs?

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5. When you hear gardeners complaining about scale, what exactly are they reffering to?

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6. The body mass of a caterpillar increases 1,000 times within the few weeks of its life. How much of your plants can the caterpillar eat during that period?

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7. What is the main cause of white fly infestations?

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8. What will you blame when you see your crops eaten from below?

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9. Which are the most destructive garden pests in the United States?

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10. Where will you most likely find mealybugs?

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11. This beetle is less than one centimeter long but can cause a lot of damage in a garden. What is its name?

Lily beetle

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12. Which of these pests damages apples?

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13. Leaf miner damage is caused by larvae from which insect?

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14. How long is the body of a capsid bug?

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15. A cabbage white fly lays how many eggs?

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