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Whether you live in an apartment and love houseplants or are a novice gardener creating your first edible garden, Pro Gardening is your happy place. Also, this is a great learning platform for every gardening enthusiast or master gardener who wants to perfect their gardening know-how.

We know how dirt feels on our hands, how it feels to see your first seedlings or blossoms forming, and even the thrilling bite of your garden produce. And so we want you to get the most out of gardening; the fun, the harvest, health & physical fitness, the fresh air, creativity reborn and much more.

Here we talk about everything to do with gardening: all sorts of plants, soil needs, plant care, lawns, garden equipment, pests & diseases, and so much more.

Each year, millions of gardening enthusiasts visit our site to get the motivation and information they need to help them create the gardens of their dreams. With new articles posted now and then, the Pro Gardening blog is your virtual encyclopedia of gardening information.

Meet Our Team

Robert Silver Pro Gardening Blog

Robert Silver, Editor in Chief

Robert is a seasoned master gardener who has toured different popular gardens worldwide and published numerous gardening articles. Besides that, Robert is like you—he loves it when he is busy in his garden and learns by doing.

His passion for gardening began more than two decades ago when he moved into his new house. The landscape here was overgrown and untidy. He decided to start on the journey of converting this place into a little paradise.

And so, he read almost every book he came across on gardening, browsed through seed and plant catalogs and walked into local nurseries and botanical gardens. His effort bore him fruits—moreover, his passion became a profession.

Today, Robert is not only tending to his landscape but is also a writer and speaker. He shares his gardening experiences on the Pro Gardening blog—he is also the chief editor for this superb site.

Email: progardeningblog@gmail.com

Karen Hagen

Karen Hagen, Garden Plants & Designs Specialist

Karen has worked in many plant nurseries as a plant specialist. She has helped hundreds of gardeners combine different plants to make their living spaces spectacular.

In addition, Karen has taught container gardening in several colleges in the United Kingdom and continues to teach container and landscape design during events and workshops.

She also gives presentations at trade conferences, flower & garden shows, garden clubs, nurseries and horticultural organizations.

When she is not on her educational tours, she writes for the Pro Gardening blog, sharing her experiences and gardening tips.

Denise Chapman

Denise Chapman, Horticultural Editor & Landscape Designer

Denise has worked as a horticulturist in Northern California and has vast experience in retail and wholesale nurseries, environmental consulting, landscape construction & restoration, estate gardening and landscape architecture.

At the moment, she writes for Pro Gardening Site. She says she has a soft spot for native plants, and most of her writings are about these plants. Also, you will find her writing about sustainable landscape designs, Mediterranean gardens, plant/tree health care, and habitat restoration plans.

Daniel Hanes

Daniel Hanes, Garden Writer & Photographer

Daniel has been a full-time garden writer and photographer for twenty-five years. He has done gardening in different USDA zones, thus making him more knowledgeable about the challenges they present.

In addition, Daniel’s works have been published in the US, Europe, and Canadian publications like Better Homes & Gardens, Garden Design, Horticulture, Sunset, Rodale Press and Ortho Books. Also, he is the photographer for Timber Press, Garden Style and Saratoga In Bloom.

Daniel grows a mix of roses, shrubs, bulbs and perennials in his personal garden. Recently, he has been very passionate about growing annual flowers from seeds in containers. Also, he enjoys growing and eating fresh heirloom tomatoes and other veggies. Daniel’s garden also serves as his mini studio, where he captures most of his photos.

Our Process

Our Process

Our team comprises master gardeners, horticulturists, production nursery workers, and gardening enthusiasts located in different parts of the world who live and breathe gardening. 

The team grows many different crops, from ornamental plants to vegetables. Then they write about each of these different types of plants, from sowing to harvesting, based on their know-how and experiences.

Before any article is published on Progardening Blog, it’s first examined for correctness by our gardening experts.  Also, we constantly update our old content to accommodate any advancements in gardening and suggestions from our readers.

Therefore whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or master gardener, you will certainly receive quality informational content on this site about different plants, plant care, pests, and everything else to do with gardening.

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