Fun Gardening Quiz & Answers

Fun Gardening Quiz & Answers

Gardening is a fantastic hobby that anyone of whichever age can enjoy. On that note, here are several fun questions to check and improve your knowledge of plants and gardens.

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Fun Gardening Quiz & Answers

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1. Which of these groups of vegetables needs the most frequent watering?

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2. In which US state will you find most tomatoes being grown?

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3. Which of these bulbs are safe to eat when cooked?

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4. Which of these sweet-smelling plants are very toxic to humans?

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5. Which of these don’t belong to the nightshade family?

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6. Why should we leave bean and pea roots in the soil after harvesting?

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7. Which is the state flower of Florida?

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8. Which of these botanical gardens is not found in the US?

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9. Which country today has the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

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10. Which are the best planting conditions for hellebores?

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11. Which of these is not found in most fertilizers?

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12. What do we call the process of growing plants in partial or no light?

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13. In which Canadian province will you find the Butchart Gardens?

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14. How long does a pumpkin take to grow?

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15. When can you harvest new potatoes?

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