Gardening Forums, Communities, Discussion, and Message Boards

Top 30 Gardening Forums, Communities, Discussion, and Message Boards

You don’t have to be a lone ranger in gardening, whether you are an expert in this field or just trying out your first plants in the garden.

There is a place where you can interact with fellow gardeners. I am talking about a place where you can share your experiences & ideas, ask questions, and get expert answers in all matters to do with gardening

I am talking about online gardening networks! These are sites that you can easily join to sharpen your gardening skills. 

And to make sure you don’t sweat wondering which are the best gardening sites to join, I have gone through hundreds of them and picked the best and the most active. 

So hereunder, I present to you a list of the top 30 gardening forums, communities, discussion, and message boards.

2. The Gardening Forums

In this community you will find lively conversations and news on different gardening topics, including plant identification and greenhouse gardening. 

Also, you can participate in the active chat room or grab some expert advice.
Dave_s Garden

3. Dave’s Garden 

Dave’s garden is one of the largest gardening forums in the world. Here you will find tens of thousands of files on plants, birds, bugs, and helpful articles from gardening experts. 

Additionally, this is a safe and open place where you can get advice, share experiences, or participate in the seed and plant trade.

4. UBC Botanical Garden

This site comprises different gardening forums, each running on a particular topic. Additionally, UBC Botanical Garden is managed by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Here, people from different parts of the world discuss different topics in gardening and get input from university researchers.

Some of the exciting topic categories you will find here include soil types, fertilizers, pest management, invasive plants, and plant identification.

UBC Botanical Garden
Garden Banter

5. Garden Banter

Whether you are a beginner or an expert gardener, Garden Banter will take you through gardens all over the world. On this site, you will enjoy breathtaking photos and lively conversations with fellow gardeners.

There are different groups in this gardening forum, one discussing ponds, others discussing orchids, edible gardening, bamboo, roses, lawns, or bonsai.

6. Garden Stew

This is a friendly community for a homeowner or average gardener. Here you will find seed exchanges, how-to guides, and a cooking and recipes section.

People here hold amazing discussions on how to care for lawns, water the garden, and more. When in this place, you will feel like you are having healthy conversations with your neighbors.

Additionally, this community encourages sharing of photos of your garden or blogs.

Garden Stew
Homesteading Forum

7. Homesteading Forum

Here, members from all walks of life discuss how to live simpler and self-sufficient lifestyles. In this forum, you will find topics in farming, livestock, gardening, recipes, hobbies, DIYs, accessories, reviews, classifieds, and more.

8. Garden Web

Garden Web is one of the largest online gardening message boards. With the huge community here, you are sure to get answers to all of your gardening questions and even make friends.

Besides the gardening topics available here, there are other topics too – for example, home renovation and design. Also, homeowners and home professionals are connected to the best tools, resources, and vendors.

9. Permaculture & Homesteading Discussion Forums

This is a great place to be if your gardening interests fall under farming, homesteading, and the use of organic and sustainable practices. Also, in this community, you will find regional forums where resources, jobs, and events are posted.

Permaculture _ Homesteading Discussion Forums

10. Tomatoville 

As the name suggests, Tomatoville handles all matters concerning tomato growing. Some of the discussions you will find here include those on common garden diseases & pests, starting from seed and growing in containers. 

Also, there is a photo gallery where you can view photos posted by fellow tomato gardeners or post yours.

11. Garden Forums

This friendly community of gardeners features a garden discussion forum and a photo gallery. Garden Forums is a fun place to hold conversations with fellow gardeners, ask questions, share experiences & knowledge, post & view photos, and so much more.

Garden Forums
Kids Garden Community

12. Kids Garden Community

Kids Garden Community is a community for individuals, families, and organizations that support kids’ learning. This is a place to ask questions freely, learn from each other, access resources, make connections, and stay inspired.

13. The Lawn Forum

This is one of the largest lawn forums available online. Here, most discussions are on different types of lawns e,.g warm season and cool season lawns.

However, you will also find other discussions on this forum, for example, equipment & tools, nutrients & soil fertility, weed identification, pest control, vegetable gardening & fruit trees, irrigation, landscaping, and so much more.

The Lawn Forum
Squarefoot Gardening

14. Squarefoot Gardening

Squarefoot gardening is a friendly community for both beginners and experienced gardeners. While here, you can showcase your gardening skills while learning from others.

Some of the forums you will find here are on compost, how to do things, showcasing gardens, seeds & plants, diseases & pests, food & recipes, health & fitness, and more.

15. National Gardening Association

This is a popular forum with a huge following. So, whichever question you have in gardening, you will undoubtedly get an answer on this site.

Examples of topics you will find here include all things gardening, annuals, cactus & succulents, carnivorous plants, gardening in containers, cottage gardening, fragrant flowers, garden designs, and so much more.

National Gardening Association
Gransnet Forums

16. Gransnet Forums

This community is for anyone with a small garden seeking allotment or plant ideas. Also, if you want to know how to care for your plants and lawns and manage weeds, this is your perfect place.

17. DIY Chat Room

This community is dedicated to everyone who prefers to do it themselves and home enthusiasts. You can join the discussions here about tools, projects, styles, reviews, classifieds, accessories, and so much more.

Some of the gardening topics you will find here include onion, corn, watermelon, and flower gardening. Other topics you will discuss here include pests & weeds control, lawn care, different types of gardening, and more.

2 Cool Fishing Forum - Home Gardening Forum

18. 2 Cool Fishing Forum – Home Gardening Forum

2 Cool Fishing Forum is for everyone who loves gardening or wants help with whatever issue there is in their garden. 

On this site, you will find gardening topics on potatoes, garlic, sunflowers, peanuts, eggplants, melons, blackberries, sweetcorn, tomatoes, and beans.

Other topics you will find here include fall gardening, weeds & pests control, garden waste shredding, how to deal with plant problems, and more.

19. City-Data Forum

This gardening forum has over 2 million members, with over 15,000 new posts each day. You can easily create an account in this group to see everything posted there and to participate too. 

Some of the topics discussed here include vegetable gardening, lawn care & equipment, soil health, native plants, weeds & pests control, and so much more.

City-Data Forum

20. Allotment Gardening

Allotment gardening is a site containing different forums in one place where you can easily join your forum(s) of interest. Here you will see posts from other members, and you can participate by asking questions or giving advice.

Examples of forums you will find here include those dealing with general gardening, poultry & pets, and greenhouses. 

Other topics you will find here include small-scale farming & rural living, cooking recipes, and gardening tools.

Gardeners Corner

21. Gardeners Corner

Gardeners Corner is your place to be for all those gardening questions you have or will ever have. Also, this is a very active group, So you are sure your question won’t take a decade before getting an answer.

Some of the latest topics I see discussed here include tomato gardening, apple tree care, melon growing, dwarf pampas grass issues, gardening of roses, and more.

22. Reddit – Gardening, plants, and agriculture

This is one of the largest gardening communities on Reddit, with 4.9M members. Additionally, this is a place of best guides, discussions, and pictures on all matters relating to plants and their care.

I picked an interesting question in this place of a member who had posted a tomato plant that he said had been dead for two months yet was producing healthy tomatoes. 

I found a mind-blowing answer in the group for the above question “The plant is not dead; just nearly dead. It’s saving all its energy for the tomatoes” – Juna F, Seasoned Gardener.

23. Reddit – Vegetable Gardening

Members of this community share guides, discussions, and pictures on all matters related to vegetable gardening. While here, you can ask those pressing questions or share ideas and your experiences in vegetable gardening.

I have seen members here post beautiful photos of their garden produce, great garden arrangements, and pictures of troubled plants too.

24. Helpful Gardener

Helpful Gardener is a friendly site and an award winner. This site contains dozens of very helpful discussions on everything related to gardening. Additionally, this site has different forums, each handling a different gardening topic. 

Some of the forums you will find here include the seed starting forum, vegetable growing forum, organic gardening forum, homesteading discussion board, herb gardening forum, fruits forum, mushroom forum, and many more.

Helpful Gardener
Grows on You

25. Grows on You

Grows on You is a website for everyone who loves gardening. Here you can show off your gardening pictures and get amazing new gardening ideas & products. 

This site features a friendly community comprising over 28,000 members and over 300,000 unique visitors who visit this site every month. So, you’ve got a ready family right here to answer your gardening questions.

26. Veggie Gardener

This community is dedicated to vegetable garden owners and everyone else passionate about gardening. You can join discussions here on agriculture, cooking & recipes, accessories, reviews, classifieds, and more.

Veggie Gardener
Garden _ Gossip Forums

27. Garden & Gossip Forums

As the name suggests, this is a versatile community. Here, you will discuss all matters to do with gardening, then spice it up with some gossip. 

However, not bad gossip – for example, you discuss what annoyed you that day, what you harvested, whether the prices in the nearby shop are exaggerated, and so on.

28. Indoor Gardening – Reddit

This is a popular gardening community on Reddit with a membership of 719k. Here you will discuss different tips on indoor gardening of herbs and vegetables. So join, ready to ask questions or share ideas.

29. Mumsnet Gardening Forum

Mumsnet is one of the biggest online forums that offer support, information, tips, and advice to mothers on horticulture. Most discussions here revolve around allotments and growing fruits, vegetables, and other plants.

Mumsnet Gardening Forum
Frugal Village

30 .Frugal Village

In Frugal Village, members discuss topics on gardening and homesteading. Also, here is a place where you can share your latest gardening story, ask questions and share tips and tricks in homesteading and gardening.


And that is it! You now know the top 30 gardening forums, communities, discussion, and message boards. You can view these sites and join all or the ones most appealing to you.

For comprehensive gardening information, please read my next article: Top 10 Gardening Websites.

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