Top 10 Gardening Websites

Top 10 Gardening Websites: Explore the Best Online Resources for Green Thumbs

It was challenging when I started; I was overwhelmed by the dozens of websites and blogs available on gardening. And worst, most of these sites offered incorrect or complicated information, while others were only after money.

After spending more than a year reading and sifting through many online gardening sites, I have selected, in no particular order, the best gardening resources available right now.

This way, you will save time and effort, and more importantly, you won’t ruin your plants after following the wrong gardening advice.

So, the following is my selection of the top 10 gardening websites. I got a lot of inspiration from these sites when I was starting out: hats off to them!

1. Gardening Know How

Gardening Know How is a gardening website started seventeen years ago by Heather Rhode. He started this site at a time when friendly gardening websites were scarce.

Up to today, Rhode and other experienced gardeners have answered over 75000 questions online and helped more than 160 million people who visit this website each year.

You will find excellent articles on edible plants, edible flowers, keeping houseplants alive, garden & plant problems, lawn care, composting, and more from this online resource.

Gardening Know How

2. A Way to Garden
A Way to Garden was born in 2008 by Margaret Roach, a leading garden writer at Newsday and Martha Stewart Living. 

Margaret has over thirty years of gardening experience, has written several gardening books, hosts a popular radio podcast, and holds lectures and tours at her 2.3-acre Hudson Valley (NY) garden. She says “no” to chemicals and “yes” to great plants.

Her commitment to gardening gained her great recognition, especially when the New York Times awarded her blog as “The Best Garden Blog.”

This gardening website has numerous helpful topics for beginners and advanced gardeners. Non-readers also benefit from Margaret’s podcasts, lectures, and tours.

3. Garden Beast
Garden Beast was launched in 2019 to provide the latest reviews, news, and in-depth how-to guides to help every gardener get the most out of their backyards or gardens. 

On this site, you will find the latest quality information on how to grow your produce and landscape your yards. 

Some of the insightful articles you will find here include those on ornamental grasses, potting soil, botanical interests, and much more. Also, this website provides detailed guides on products to ensure you make wise purchase decisions. 

Last but not least, Garden Beast offers several ebooks dedicated to gardening.

Garden Beast
DIY Garden

4. DIY Garden
DIY Garden began as a simple gardening online site in 2016. 

However, over the years, DIY Garden has become one of the biggest gardening websites in the UK due to its continued commitment to serving gardeners with unique ideas, thorough product reviews, and in-depth how-to guides.

Today, this site continues to serve millions of visitors every year.

This is a place for every gardener, including beginners who want to learn how to grow more plants and food and tend their gardens and plants more effectively.

You will find insightful articles useful in the gardening industry on this site. These informative articles cover topics on hardy plants, garden furniture, edible gardens, outdoor space like hedges, and more.

DIY Garden is often featured in the leading online publications, helping it spread helpful information on DIY projects, gardening, conservation, wildlife, and education.

5. Pro Gardening Blog
Robert Silver is the brain behind Pro Gardening Blog. He has been a master gardener for decades, has toured numerous popular gardens worldwide, and has written multiple gardening articles. And when he is not writing or touring, he works in his backyard garden.

Incorporating some of his experiences around the world, he takes a holistic approach to gardening by talking about everything from the ground up—from soil to seed, to germination, to plant pests & diseases, to plant maturation, to harvest, to dining.

Pro Gardening Blog is the best site for planting vegetables, herbs, ornamental plants, and other plant types.

In addition, the blog has gained major global recognition and awards and is an awesome place to learn everything about gardening.

Pro Gardening Blog
Plant Care Today

6. Plant Care Today
Plant Care Today was launched in 2012 by Gary Antosh. However, he was already into plants 50 years earlier. 

Gary’s first job was at a retail nursery where they grew Ascocendas, Cattleyas, Dendrobiums, Epidendrums, Moth Orchids, and Vandas. Also, they grew Amazon Lilies, Anthuriums, and Spathiphyllum in one of their greenhouses. 

From there, his passion for Anthuriums grew, getting hundreds of rare species and learning how to grow them correctly. 

Today, millions of gardeners visit Plant Care Today. Visitors to this site include people just starting out on indoor or outdoor plants, landscaping, and flowers, while others visit with extensive experience in plant growth and care.

In this gardening blog, you will find in-depth plant care blog posts backed up by decades of experience.

7. Garden Design
The gardening topics discussed in Garden Design come from the partnerships of landscape designers, gardening experts, photographers, and leading brands. 

Here you will find reliable gardening content suitable for gardeners of all levels regardless of the size and shape of their gardens. 

So whether you are interested in container gardening or shade gardening, gardening in limited space, or having a backyard garden you want to utilize, Garden Design has you in mind. 

Over 12 million passionate gardeners visit this site annually to obtain thorough information on gardening basics and how-tos, design ideas and inspiration, gardening guides, solutions to common gardening challenges, garden travel, and much more.

Garden Design
Epic Gardening

8. Epic Gardening
Epic Gardening was founded in 2013 by Kevin Espiritu, and since then, it has become a leading gardening brand offering gardening education and entertainment.

This site also has an online store offering a collection of premium gardening supplies that the team uses, loves, and recommends. These products include clay pots for irrigation, flower seeds, organic seeds, gardening tools, etc.

Kevin began his gardening journey in 2010 when he felt lost and disconnected from nature. Gardening became his salvation since it helped him connect with the natural world instead of wasting dozens of hours playing video games and feeling depressed and lonely. 

In addition, Kevin has been featured as Timberland Hero of Nature in magazines, has written several gardening books, and has been on multiple podcasts and TV programs for his commitment to city gardening.

9. Growing the Home Garden
Dave launched this website in 2007 as a fun method of sharing his home gardening experiences. 

Since then, this garden blogger has shared over two thousand informative posts that he places under four gardening categories: vegetable gardening, plant propagation, gardening tips, and resources for gardeners. 

Growing the Home Garden
Urban Gardens Web

10 .Urban Gardens Web
Are you looking for different styles that you can use to approach urban or city gardening? Urbans Gardens Web has what you need. 

Here, you will learn different gardening topics like indoor gardening, how to grow a herb garden, ornamental plants, community gardens, green spaces on roofs & walls, hydroponics, raised beds, rain gardens, and so much more.

Final Word

With the dozens of online gardening websites, apps, and resources, gardening knowledge has been more accessible to beginner gardeners, green thumb individuals, or any other gardening enthusiast. 

From my list above of the top 10 gardening websites, you now know where to visit whether you want fresh vegetables from your vegetable garden or are a flower lover.

Besides the valuable resources I have shared above, be sure to check our other informative articles on gardening to equip yourself with gardening knowledge and ensure you have beautiful gardens.

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