Dieffenbachia Vs Chinese Evergreen

Dieffenbachia Vs Chinese Evergreen: What are the Differences

Dieffenbachia and Chinese evergreen plants are two of the splendid indoor houseplant options. Besides their enhancing beauty, both plants purify the air greatly while removing toxins from the air. These two plants are highly recommended for highly polluted areas. 

Dieffenbachia Vs Chinese Evergreen: Choosing one might be tricky because of its deceptive look. But it’s pretty common to have some different attributes and components, which makes them both unique in their different ways. So what are they? Let’s find it out. You might get to pick your best choice by the end of this article. Get started now.


Love to decorate your house with nature? Dieffenbachia is undoubtedly a great choice. You can set this plant anywhere and watch it enrich the look of your home. 

Dumb cane is another name for this beautiful houseplant. There is an interesting story behind the name. Its raphides can cause speaking incapability for a short period. The plant got its name for this reason. The plant also has another beautiful name which is leopard lily. Its name is as beautiful as its visuals.


Chinese Evergreen

You can tell about its greenish magic from its name – Chinese Evergreen. The beauty Chinese evergreen or Aglaonema adds to your house is unbeatable. This indoor plant is mainly native to tropical regions. It’s one of the most enduring indoor plants you can grow. Keep scrolling down to explore more about this indoor plant. 

Chinese Evergreen

Dieffenbachia Vs Chinese Evergreen

What is the difference between Aglaonema and Dieffenbachia? Well, some factors differentiate these plants from one another. For instance, heights, moisture level, leaf variations, and many more. Here I’ll discuss them one by one. 


Who doesn’t love flowers? But, the beauty of Dieffenbachia and Chinese evergreen can challenge the beauty of flowers. Fortunately, both dieffenbachia and Chinese evergreen plants do produce flowers. 

When it’s the season, the Chinese evergreen produces small flowers. This foliage plant’s main attraction is its leaves, but you cannot see its peaceful lily flower for sure. 

Dieffenbachia also produces flowers. But when kept as indoor foliage, it doesn’t bloom more often. You can barely see its flowers. 


Color variation

Looking for color variation rather than green. No worries at all. Check out the following to find your favorite!

Dieffenbachia varieties

Generally, you can find Dieffenbachia with many variations. For instance, Dieffenbachia Camille, Dieffenbachia Compacta, Dieffenbachia Honeydew, Dieffenbachia Rebecca, Dieffenbachia yellow leaves, Aaglaonema silver bay, Dieffenbachia silver queen etcetera. 

Usually, all these plants are more likely to be silver-colored, yellowish, dark brownish, or dark green. Unfortunately, you won’t find them in red. 

Chinese evergreen varieties

Aglaonema silver bay, Emerald Bay, Burmese Evergreen, aglaonema silver queen, Silver King, Maria Christina, and First Diamond are my favorite picks for Chinese evergreen indoor plants. You can have significant color variations in evergreen plants, such as dark green leaves, pink, silver, and red leaves. Whichever color you do like, just have them for your sweet home or office.

Color variation


You need to water Dieffenbachia once every two weeks. On the other hand, you need to water Chinese evergreen or Aglaonema once every five to 10 days. If you have less time to take care of your plants, consider Dieffenbachia. Take note that you cannot leave the soil dried out. Make sure to keep them moist moderately. 

Growth or height

Dieffenbachia is taller than Aglaonema when they are matured. Despite their similar looks, you can differentiate by their height. Chinese evergreen doesn’t grow more than 3 feet, generally. Thus, Chinese evergreens are most suitable if you want to put them on a shelf decor or office table. 

Watering Dieffenbachia and Chinese evergreen

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What plant is similar to the dieffenbachia plant?

Trying to find similar indoor plants to Dieffenbachia? Here you go! Cast Iron Plant, Peace Lilies, Snake plants, and Spider Plant are some indoor plants that are similar to Dieffenbachia. If you are considering alternatives, then you might go for these plants. Nature has gifted us with its blessings of beauty. Whichever you pick, you won’t despair.

2. How do I identify a dieffenbachia?

Most of the indoor foliage is likely to be similar. So, you might get confused. On that note, I have shared some aspects that might help you to a small extent. Dieffenbachia has broader leaves. You can see white spots or stripes on its leaves. Height can be up to 10 feet tall based on its type. 

3. Are Chinese Evergreen and Aglaonema the same?

Many ask if evergreen and Aglaonema are the same. The answer is yes. Aglaonema is just the scientific name of the Chinese Evergreen. So, you call it by the name which you prefer. But the name ‘Chinese evergreen’ is widely used in most regions. Local people might not be that familiar with the word ‘Aglaonema.’


Do you love houseplants? If you said “yes,” one of the shopping battles you will have to face is Dieffenbachia Vs Chinese Evergreen. 

Whichever you choose between the two plants will entirely depend on your preferences guided by the above descriptions. 

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